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Round Wire Connector with Capacitors & Coils

These con­nec­tors are used for back-lite heating grid connection. The coils and capacitors pre­vent inter­fer­ence with the anten­na sig­nals. The selection of coils and capacitors is limitless, and all variants are lead-free. Other features include: Location clips which can be …

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Crimp Contact Connector

Primarily used for antennas within back-lites and side glass, crimp contact connectors with round wire are delivered pre-soldered. These light weight connectors are easy to handle, require little space for application, and are inexpensive. All variants are lead-free, with fluxing …

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Solder Bridge Connector

These connectors are used for back-lite heat­ing grid con­nec­tion. The solder bridge and solder preform geometry are specifically designed to deliver perfect process repeatability for our customers, during application to glass. And the material selection is modelled in parallel to …

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Heating Wire

This is an essential material for manufacture of Wired Heated Windshields. It is used as the near-invisible heating element within the glass viewing area, and is the obvious choice due to excellent tensile strength (even at very high temperatures) and …

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Preformed Busbars

Used for both Wired and Coated Heated Windshields, Preformed busbar is specifically manufactured to customer dictated designs and shapes, therefore it is immediately usable within the glass manufacturing process, requiring no manual shaping or folding. Manual shaping and folding is …

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Adhesive Busbars

For a clean, solder-free busbar connection around the perimeter of Wired and Coated Heated Windshields, we offer a range of Adhesive busbars. For the first layer of busbar directly onto the PVB, we manufacture a pressure-sensitive “normal” adhesive variant. For …

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Solder Busbars

For a proven busbar connection around the perimeter of Wired Heated Windshields, we offer a range of Solder busbars, which can be applied directly to the PVB as a first layer, and also directly over the heating wire as a …

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Flat Foil Connectors

FFCs are ideal for Heated Laminated Windshields & Back-lite applications. The current carrying foil is commonly <=100microns, allowing flexibility outside the glass, without risk of cracking within the glass. The foil is encapsulated in a Polyimide tape, providing excellent insulation …

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FPC Connectors

FPC Connectors are sin­gle or mul­ti-pin Flexible Printed Circuits primarily used for delivery of anten­na sig­nals from the wind­shield or the back-­lite to the ampli­fi­er, but also used for special purpose heating applications. This precise, lightweight connector replaces traditional multi-cable …

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