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Electrical Connectors

Strip Tinning manufacture a range of connectors used within laminated glass where Flexible flat connectors are used and add-on connectors which are applied to the surface of laminated or tempered glass.

Connectors are used for:

  • Heating
  • Radio – FM/AM
  • GPS
  • Alarm

We have made significant investment in fully automated cellular manufacture to support demanding customer needs. With high volume and high component variation we use robotic assembly and vision systems extensively. Our flexible connector cell is producing over 1.4 Million parts per annum, every part is checked for orientation, adhesive patch size and presence, mould quality and dimension, once passed the components are placed on automated conveyor systems that optimise workflow and support precise customer quality expectation. World class manufacturing methods support high levels of customer expectation. Volume manufacture and complex automation are now common in our manufacturing deployment strategy.

Electrical Connectors Products

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