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ST Photovoltaic Technology

Photovoltaic Technology

Strip Tinning has developed extensive experience in the field of Photovoltaic connector technology, combining many aspects of our automotive experience into cutting edge waterproofed solutions for the solar market, resurgence in the technology and close links with key players positions us perfectly to support any specific customer demands.

By far, the most prevalent bulk material for solar cells is crystalline silicon (abbreviated as a group as c-Si). Tabbing and stringing processes are used to assemble modules of c-Si wafers.

The interconnecting material used in these processes is a tinned copper PV Ribbon. Strip Tinning’s ribbon is called Solarwire. Solarwire PV Ribbon is a hot dip tinned flat copper wire with the following critical properties

  • Various Hardness ratings including Dead Soft < 80Mpa
  • Base Material: ETP Copper 99.9% by weight
  • Base Thickness: 0.025mm to 0.50mm (Tolerance ± 10%)
  • Base Width: 1.5mm to 2.5mm (Tolerance ± 0.15mm) (3.0mm to 12.00mm and beyond for connector bus bar)
  • Coating Alloy: 97%Sn3%Ag; 62%Sn36%Pb2%Ag; 60%Sn40%Pb; 100%Sn and other low melt point alloys
  • Alloy Coating Thickness: as requested
  • Packaging: Solarwire is supplied on DIN 125, 10S, HKV160, HKV200 reels.

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