Investment Case

The Group has a number of competitive advantages which differentiate it in its market place and establish it as an attractive investment opportunity.

Track record:

The Group is cash generative and profitable and has shown significant growth over recent years, growing at 10.7 per cent. per annum from 2017 to 2021, despite the headwinds of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. It is winning market share and has excellent order visibility. The Board has a clear strategy and detailed business plan for continued profitable and substantial growth for the next five years and beyond.

Our strategy:

The Group’s strategy is to remain a leading supplier of specialist connectors for Glazing worldwide and in the EV market to become a leading supplier of connector sub-assemblies. The strategy to execute this vision comprises a number of key elements:

  • Remain focussed on higher performance connectors for the Glazing sector, building on the Company’s established position supplying higher specification and technology leading vehicles, and expanding its global coverage, starting initially with greater sales effort into the NAFTA region.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and operating margins in the core Glazing business with a sustained investment in processes, systems (SAP implementation), people and automation.
  • Rapidly invest to pursue its first mover advantage in the very fast growing new battery cell contact systems market, to establish a leadership position as customers move towards this new solution.
  • Pursue other innovative applications of its large size flexible printed circuit technology, which is being increasingly adopted in the industry, in particular by the new generation of EV vehicle manufacturers.
  • Support this growth with increased investment in the Company’s people, capabilities and ESG programme.

6 reasons to invest in Strip Tinning

1. Established leader with proven business model

2. Strong automotive customer relationships

3. Differentiated solutions and history of innovation

4. Strong and growing markets

5. High visibility and building momentum

6. Experienced and expanding management team