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Heavy Duty Laminated Busbars

Heavy duty laminated busbars are used to carry & transfer high voltage current within the vehicle electrical system.

Depending on the dielectric strength required the busbars are insulated and sealed using various material selections including polyimide and tested to withstand the voltage requirements.

The most common metal of choice being copper can also be plated or selectively plated to avoid corrosion in areas where copper is exposed in the bolt down connection areas. Plating finishes can include Sn, Ni, NiAu, Ag or HASL.

We work with the client to ensure any fixing holes are fully insulated, sometimes laminating washers within the busbar itself to ensure no leakage or shorting when fixed to the chassis.

Busbar thicknesses vary depending on the client specification but typically for this application are between 0.4mm and 0.6mm. We manufacture lengths of up to 1500mm. Busbars are supplied in flat format for the client to form into position using bespoke tooling jigs. This operation could also be done in house.

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