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Sensing FPC

Sensing FPC’s are primarily found within EV battery packs. They are used to sense both Temperature and voltage. The nature of FPC allows more flexibility of siting these components thus determining more accurately the true temperature within the unit. Thermal …

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Heavy Duty Laminated Busbars

Heavy duty laminated busbars are used to carry & transfer high voltage current within the vehicle electrical system. Depending on the dielectric strength required the busbars are insulated and sealed using various material selections including polyimide and tested to withstand …

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Integrated Laminated Busbar Cell Contact System

Integrated Laminated Busbar cell Contacting Systems consist of a series of disparate busbars laminated between two layers of insulation with exposed areas of the busbars which are used to interconnect to the individual cells. By forming these busbars, the same …

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Rigid Carrier Cell Contact System

Rigid Carrier Cell Contact Systems sit atop a cell array and consist of a plastic carrier plate onto which are placed a series of busbars with and a FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit). The flex is interconnected to the busbars in …

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Modern vehicles have enhanced functionality ranging from internet access, digital radio, and hands-free phone systems to auto emergency response systems. As the range of services available within a vehicle expand the need for communication and data transfer increases. To achieve …

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Smart Glass

Initial applications of smart glass have been based around dynamic light control for user comfort and privacy functions. The opaqueness of the glass is altered by the properties of an embedded layer changing with electric signals. Going forward the possibilities …

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FPC’s have been used for heating applications for quite some time and are now being introduced into the automotive field for a multitude of uses. Ranging from proximity to the user heating in steering wheels, seats and armrests to functional …

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As conventional bulb technology is being replaced by LED both interior and exterior lighting applications are changing. LED’s offer more functionality and energy saving benefits over conventional lighting. Our broad suite of technologies and processes enable us to deliver FPC …

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Battery Electronics

Electric vehicle battery systems consist of arrays of multiple individual cells. Complex control systems monitor temperature and charging within these packs. In order to maximise service life; control of charge equalisation is vital. All rechargeable batteries require a Battery Management …

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