Automotive Flex


Modern vehicles have enhanced functionality ranging from internet access, digital radio, and hands-free phone systems to auto emergency response systems. As the range of services available within a vehicle expand the need for communication and data transfer increases. To achieve …

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Smart Glass

Initial applications of smart glass have been based around dynamic light control for user comfort and privacy functions. The opaqueness of the glass is altered by the properties of an embedded layer changing with electric signals. Going forward the possibilities …

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FPC’s have been used for heating applications for quite some time and are now being introduced into the automotive field for a multitude of uses. Ranging from proximity to the user heating in steering wheels, seats and armrests to functional …

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As conventional bulb technology is being replaced by LED both interior and exterior lighting applications are changing. LED’s offer more functionality and energy saving benefits over conventional lighting. Our broad suite of technologies and processes enable us to deliver FPC …

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