Battery Technologies

Sensing FPC

Sensing FPC’s are primarily found within EV battery packs. They are used to sense both Temperature and voltage. The nature of FPC allows more flexibility of siting these components thus determining more accurately the true temperature within the unit.

Thermal Sensing on FPC technology is achieved by use of thermistors; components whose resistance is proportional to their ambient temperature of their environment. These are primarily used within EV battery packs and analysis of the information obtained can be used to determine the temperature of a cell location and thus used to action heating or cooling functions, thus maintaining optimum performance.

Voltage sensing is gathered by direct interconnection of the FPC to the busbars within the battery pack and is used to monitor charging and Battery status thus helping to maintain both the SOH (State of Health) and SOC (State of Charge) of the pack.

Sensing FPC’s are traditionally directly connected to the BMS (Battery Management System) and this can be done simply using FPC to rigid board connectors.

These sensing FPC’s can be integrated within Strip Tinning’s Rigid or Laminated Cell Contacting Systems.

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