Roof Glass PDLC Connectors

Multi Pole FPC Connectors

Multi-pole FPC Connectors are ideal for single location connection for multi-segment PDLC roof glass. Our designs support programs where up to 12 track FPCs are necessary, and where the usual high standard polyimide lamination, over-moulding and cabling are critical. We …

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Large Format FPC Connectors

Large format FPC connectors enable connectivity directly into the multi-segments of the PDLC roof glass. While large format FPC connectors cost a little more than multi-pole FPC connectors, their use significantly reduces the complexity of the glass, and thus commonly …

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Large Format FFC Connectors

Large FFCs are ideal for connection to simple large PDLC glasses, and our designs currently support programs in serial production. We can manufacture Flat Foil Connectors >1000mm in length with single or double copper poles. The critical soldering points can …

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