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Integrated Laminated Busbar Cell Contact System

Integrated Laminated Busbar cell Contacting Systems consist of a series of disparate busbars laminated between two layers of insulation with exposed areas of the busbars which are used to interconnect to the individual cells. By forming these busbars, the same busbar array can be used to connect to both the positive and negative terminals on a cell thus saving both space and cost. These can then be placed atop the battery array and interconnect the cells in Series & Parallel to deliver the required output.

These can also incorporate a FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) which can be used to monitor the charging of the module and ensure the State of Health of the cell in maintained. Interconnection of these FPC’s to the individual busbars can be achieved via Laser Welding / Ultrasonic Welding or wire bonding; the FPC would then be plugged into a BMS board on the module using standard board interconnection methodology.

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